Weltraum is a visual novel where you must perform SPACE-based actions in order to progress through the story.

Welcome to a world where nuclear fusion powers the world, at the cost of the freedom of mankind’s last slaves

It is possible to die in the game, please check the "How to play" section or refer to the controls below.

Controls : Mouse left-click to advance the story, Spacebar when prompted (Circle at the end of text). If you don’t abide to your orders, it’s game over !

Made during Ludum Dare 42 (Theme : "Running out of space", Category : "Jam")


Weltraum_win.zip 14 MB
Weltraum_mac.zip 28 MB
Weltraum_linux.zip 15 MB


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This game was excellent! Excellent storytelling, was short but very very sweet. And I wasn't crazy when I thought your mech was Methuss-inspired! :o

Overall, I did absolutely love this. Wonderful work, JLV!

Thank you so much !
If you are into that sort of thing, here is how we used a Gunpla to animate the transformation within the time constraints of the jam : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/weltraum-1/animating-the-mech-of-weltraum


I loved playing your game